IMyFone TunesFix

Make iTunes run smoothly on your Windows PC

  • Repair iTunes
  • Clean iTunes
  • Completely uninstall iTunes
iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd.  |  25 more applications - April 27, 2018
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Editor's review

IMyFone TunesFix by Tony Hill on 4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4/5
Having trouble with your iTunes installation on Windows PC. Does your iTunes fail to start, is it starting or running too slow, or do you simply want to uninstall it, but without success. Than iMyFone TunesFix can help you with all such troubles.

iTunes was originally developed and optimized for Mac. That is why it sometimes has troubles running on Windows PCs. iMyFone TunesFix is a simple utility to help you run iTunes without troubles and smoothly on your PC. It features a few basic functionalities to detect, clean, repair or completely uninstall iTunes.

Interface is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate with a few self-explanatory buttons to perform all of the applications tasks. These are buttons for quickly cleaning or deep cleaning your iTunes data, uninstalling iTunes without leaving any traces behind, and to repair or fix various issues.

In conclusion, if you are having any kind of trouble with iTunes on your Windows PC, than this application is likely be able to help. Also, worth mentioning is that detecting, and some cleaning features are available in the free version, but to unlock all of the features, you will have to register the full version.

• Easy to navigate interface
• No difficult settings
• Suitable also for less skilled PC users
• You have to register the full version in order to use all of the applications features


What's new in this version

• Support fixing 100+ iTunes errors
• Enable to clean iTunes and boost up users computer
• Fix some minor bugs

Minimum requirements

• iTunes or later

Limitations in the unregistered version

• Limited functionality

Additional info

Operating system: Win XP, Win XP Professional 64 bit, Win Vista, Win Vista 64 bit, Win 7, Win 7 64 bit, Win 8, Win 8 64 bit, Win 8.1, Win 8.1 64 bit, Win 10, Win 10 64 bit

Uninstaller: included

Supported languages: English

Release date: 2018-04-23

Downloads: 100

Downloads last week: 6